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Belt and Road Initiative
The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road is a strategic plan adopted by China to secure its place in the world for the future. Rapid growth over the past decade has provided capital to fuel expansion worldwide. China is using its position to leverage growth to implement strategic infrastructure development and embedding itself deep in the core of the economy of Asian, African and the European Regions. This development strategy is designed to solidify the long term security of China both for military and economic trade purposes. The Belt and Road Initiative will result in the development of a transportation network that revives historic trade routes and embraces modern methods and routes.

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Made in China 2025 is a strategic initiative to increase the core materials content of products made in China. The plan is to start with a few targeted high tech industry sectors and then to expand where possible.

Present Import/Export Restrictions and Trade Tariffs may have a dramatic effect on international trade, this situation remains uncertain and volatile.

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Trade with China
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Silk Road
Reviving the legendary Silk Road trade routes and expanding it to a fully modern transportation network by road, rail, sea and air that directly connects over 40% of the worlds population.
When fully developed the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road will provide a network of links for transportation, communication and power transmission. In October 2018 a new link was established with Hong Kong with the opening of the HZMB.

International Trade
China's Belt and Road Initiative is just one of many worldwide strategies, like The USMC in North America and broader social proposals like Saudi Vision 2030 that are being adopted to enhance international trade.


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