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Plastic Equipment
If you are looking to Buy Plastic Extruders, Pelletizers or other Plastic Processing Equipment please feel free to add your inquiry to the Plastic Equipment Finder Service.
For USED equipment post your inquiry to the Used Plastics Industry Equipment Exchange or view the current Used Plastic Equipment Listings.

Featured Plastic Equipment Reseller :
Plastic Machinery of New York
Contact Jeanine Jodice of Plastic Machinery of New York

Granulation Jumco Inc
Granulation Jumco Inc

Proud Veteran Resources
Proud Veteran Resources

MFour Dimensions FZC
Four Dimensions FZC

Uniexim Corp
Uniexim Corp

Trade with China
Trade with China

Trivalence Technologies
Trivalence Technologies

On-Line Company Directory
New additions have been included recently to the On-Line Company Directories, please feel free to add your company
Please take a moment to check-out our featured companies, Mark Schlachterl at Trivalence Technologies, Ricky Cottrill from Newko Polymers, Rakesh Goyal from Four Dimensions FZC, Randy Rackley from Proud Veteran Resources, Jean-Martin Labrie from Granulation Jumco, Kuldeep Lunia from SIGMA Recycling (NJ),

PET Recycling
Check-out the current inquiries for PET Recycling, please feel free to add your own buy or sell inquiry
Please take a moment to check-out our featured companies, Zaher Dakelbab from 3P Global Resources, Sunny Vasudeva from AR Recycling, Mahammad Iqbal from Al-Awad Flakes, Tim Styer from Brandywine Plastics & Sourcing,

ENS Inc (Ontario)

Vinyl Recycling
Cooksmill NetSystems provides a neutral platform for buyers and sellers to connect, please check-out the details of how the exchange system works. If you deal in PVC, EVA, PVB or Vinyl in any form, Plastic Scrap, Regrind and Repro you may Add Your Own buy or sell inquiry NOW. New inquiries have been added into the Exchange that may be of interest to you, please browse and respond to any inquiry. If you have questions about our exchange service one of our webmasters can assist you.

Contact some Vinyl Recyclers, Albert Cheris from Tenex Corporation, Ivo Besselsen at BessTrade, Afzal Hussain from Al Raziq PVC, Alan Levitz from Arthur Products, Roni Friedman from Recycled Vinyls LLC,

Recycled Vinyls LLC

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Flash Reports
The Flash Reports are generated from the flow of inquiries from members and visitors to the Cooksmill NetSystems Network, Please feel free to Add Your Own Buy or Sell Inquiry.
Please remember that you are responsible to perform your own due diligence on any prospective counter party that you deal with and please remember to report abuse of our system.
You are welcome to become a member of our network

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